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Article: [Effects of minerals] Iodine


[Effects of minerals] Iodine

Iodine may be more familiar as iodine.
Iodine eggs are representative of foods containing iodine.


Iodine is primarily a component of thyroid hormones, which have a major impact on regulation of metabolism and reproduction and growth.
In particular, iodine is essential for forming the brain and skeleton of a fetus, so if a pregnant woman is deficient in iodine, it will have a significant adverse effect on the development of the fetus, so caution is required.


Having said that, iodine is a mineral that is abundant in marine products and fish, and in Japan, where we are surrounded by the sea and have many opportunities to eat marine products, there is almost no shortage of iodine.
It is mainly contained in kombu, wakame seaweed, shime mackerel, and eggs.
It is a mineral that will not be deficient if you keep an unbiased diet in mind.
Seafood is readily available in Japan, so let's incorporate it into our diet.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada