Reasons why soybeans are attracting attention

When you think of soybeans, you often think of meat from the fields.
As the name suggests, the protein content is much higher than other plant foods. As with soy protein products, it is also attracting a lot of attention from people who do personal training.


The protein in soybeans has some similarities with meat, and is attracting attention around the world as a substitute for meat.
The increasing popularity of Japanese food is partly due to the fact that it contains a lot of soybeans.


Soy products include tofu, natto, soy milk, miso, soy sauce, and recently soy meat.
Tofu contains a lot of calcium, and natto contains a lot of dietary fiber.
Soy milk has almost no dietary fiber, but it contains a lot of isoflavones and is easily absorbed by the body, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about their cholesterol levels.
Depending on the manufacturing process, the nutrients that can be efficiently ingested from each soy product are different, but all of them are good for the body, so it is recommended to actively incorporate soy products into your diet.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada