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Article: [Seasonal fruit] Sudachi


[Seasonal fruit] Sudachi

Sudachi is not so familiar with sweets.
In recent years, sudachi soba noodles have become popular.
Sudachi is a seasonal fruit from late August to autumn.


Sudachi is highly fragrant and can be used to add flavor to dishes, or to add flavor to saury fish.
You can also enjoy seasonal sudachi by adding sugar to make jam, or by squeezing the juice and adding a little sweetness to make juice.
You can also cut the skin into strips or grate it and use it to finish your meal, so you can consume the sudachi without wasting it.
In particular, sudachitin contained in the skin is involved in lipid metabolism, so it is recommended to take it with meals that are concerned about fat content.


Sudachi's scent has a calming effect.
It also has the effect of increasing appetite, so please try to actively incorporate it into your cooking during this time of year, such as when you are suffering from summer fatigue.

Also, because it resembles kabosu, it is often mistaken, but kabosu is about three times heavier and larger than sudachi. There are different sizes depending on the individual, so I can't generalize, but if you can put two or three on the palm of your hand, it's sudachi. If one piece fits just right, it's a kabosu.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada