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Article: Herbs commonly used in sweets


Herbs commonly used in sweets

Herbs are used for various purposes, such as stewing, mixing, and garnishing sweets.



It is often used to decorate sweets, especially sweets.
Some are sold as selfie, but they are the same.
Chervil is the English name, and Serfeille is French.
It looks very similar to Italian parsley and coriander, and is an annual plant that belongs to the same Apiaceae family.
It is not as strong as parsley, so it is recommended to eat it raw.



Because of its cute appearance, it is also used as decoration.
It has a good smell and has antiseptic and antiseptic properties.
When stewed with fruit to make compotes or jams, it enhances the aroma of the fruit.



It has a strong scent, so when you use it for sweets, you can make a cake with a mature taste by enhancing the rosemary.
It is also known as a rejuvenating herb because it has an antioxidant effect and is good for beauty.

Recently, there are many supermarkets that have a wide variety of herbs, so it is recommended to add color to your menu, such as meat and vegetable dishes, not just sweets.

Also, herbal tea and cake raspberries go well with sweet and sour. Would you like to join us?
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Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada