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Article: [NachuRa's specialty] Homemade lemon marmalade


[NachuRa's specialty] Homemade lemon marmalade

At NachuRa, marmalade made with lemons from the Seto Inland Sea is lined up irregularly, not as a standard.

The reason is the homemade lemonade on the cafe menu.
It is a popular product during hot and humid times such as summer.
This lemonade is a special lemonade made by boiling down the skin and juice of domestic lemons purchased directly from lemon farmers in the Seto Inland Sea.


However, after making lemonade, which is a drink, there is always a surplus of lemon peel.
Considering the feelings of the farmer who raised the lemons with all his heart and love every day, it was unthinkable to do nothing with this peel.

Therefore, I crushed the skin finely, adjusted the sweetness with beet sugar, and finished it with marmalade.
Lemons can be jam-like with their natural power, so there is no need to add extra pectin.
A marmalade with a gentle flavor and just the right amount of sourness, made only with lemon and beet sugar.


Since it is only made when the lemonade is prepared, it cannot be reserved and is only sold at stores, but if you see it on display when you visit the store, please pick it up.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada