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Article: What is gluten-free in the first place?


What is gluten-free in the first place?

At NachuRa, we claim that all our products are gluten-free, but in this article, we would like to tell you what exactly is gluten-free and why we are adopting gluten-free.

◯ What is gluten in the first place?

Gluten, gluten and more opportunities to hear.
What is gluten in the first place?
In familiar terms, it greatly affects the springy texture of bread and the fluffy feeling of cake.
I'm sure many of you have seen videos of pizza chefs spinning the dough. That is also the power of gluten.

Specifically, two types of proteins in wheat flour, "glutenin" that specializes in elasticity and "gliadin" that specializes in stretchability, are entangled by adding water and kneading to create an elastic and sticky " gluten”.

◯ What is gluten-free?

A gluten-free diet was originally recommended as a treatment for celiac disease, a disease in which ingesting gluten destroys intestinal cells and causes upset stomachs.

However, in recent years, it has come to be known that chronically consuming too much gluten can cause physical problems in some people without realizing it. There is too much gluten in the world to avoid.
For those who suffer from headaches, fatigue, skin problems, etc., gluten-free may improve their constitution and skin quality.
In addition, since gluten-free foods are slowly absorbed by the body, the increase in blood sugar level is moderate, and the burden on the body is small.

◯ Is gluten the bad guy?

Gluten isn't the bad guy.
There are many delicious foods that contain gluten, such as pizza and bread.
However, it is easy to add gluten to foods to create the ideal texture. Without realizing it, we eat too much gluten.

Many people experience benefits even by reducing their gluten intake.
All of NachuRa's products are made gluten-free, not stoic gluten-free, but loose gluten-free. We want you to be more conscious of your health while eating delicious food.

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