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Article: coffee history


coffee history

Today, coffee is grown in many equatorial regions and there are many varieties, all of which are said to have originated in Africa.
Coffee as a beverage is said to have originated in Ethiopia, and today a very rare wild species of coffee tree grows naturally in Ethiopia.

Coffee as a drink is said to have originated mainly in the Arabian Peninsula, across the Red Sea from Ethiopia, a landlocked country in Africa, across Eritrea. The roots of how to drink it seems to have been transmitted from Ethiopia.


Prototypes of coffee houses (cafes) Around the 16th century, coffee spread around major Arabian cities such as Mecca, Cairo, and Damascus, and then spread to Europe.
In Europe at the time, the custom of drinking alcohol was widespread, mainly in so-called izakayas, but as society shifted toward a capitalist economy, it was no longer possible to get drunk. Coffee, which has a stimulating effect, quickly emerged.


In 1650, England's first coffee house (cafe) was born, and it is said that 3,000 cafes were built in England alone in about 30 years.
In this way, coffee spread around the world and became a favorite.

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