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Article: identity of coffee beans


identity of coffee beans

That distinctive bean that we usually call coffee beans.
Actually, it is not a bean, but a tropical plant called coffee tree, which is the seed of the fruit of an evergreen tree.
This name has also changed, and the official name of the coffee tree is coffee tree.


The flowers smell like jasmine and bear red or yellow berries called coffee cherries. When fully ripe, the fruit has a sweet taste and can be eaten as is.


There are usually two peaberries with the flat sides facing each other, and they are called flat beans.
Although it is about 10% of the total, it is traded at a high price due to its rarity.
It is special that the ones with poor growth are traded at high prices.


Only by roasting the raw beans taken out in this way will they acquire the unique color and aroma of coffee.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada