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Article: Difference between greenhouse cultivation and outdoor cultivation


Difference between greenhouse cultivation and outdoor cultivation

When you look at the vegetables and fruits at the supermarket, you may find that it says "house cultivation" or "outdoor cultivation".
For some reason, people tend to think that greenhouse cultivation is artificial, while outdoor cultivation is the one that grows in nature.


What is greenhouse cultivation?

It is a method of cultivating vegetables and fruits by artificially adjusting the optimum temperature and humidity. Regardless of the season, various vegetables and fruits are grown, and it is not easily affected by the weather. Technological developments in greenhouse cultivation have contributed greatly to the variety of vegetables and fruits lined up in supermarkets throughout the year, regardless of the season.

What is outdoor cultivation?

It is a cultivation method that grows vegetables and fruits in a more natural environment such as a field where the sky spreads out.
Because it is directly affected by the weather, it can be severely damaged by typhoons. It's just the best to enjoy the season.

Neither is good or bad.
Greenhouse cultivation is a cultivation method that artificially creates the best growth method for plants. There are benefits to the plants, but there are also stresses.
Open-field cultivation allows plants to grow in a more natural environment with plenty of sunlight. The benefits and stresses are also different.


At the same time as incorporating more seasonal ingredients into your body, you can take in the nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits, even if they are not in season, while considering their nutritional value.
While enjoying the development of technology, I would like to incorporate vegetables in their natural state without forgetting the season.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada