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Article: What is beet sugar


What is beet sugar

NachuRa does not use white sugar, and uses beet sugar as the main ingredient.
What kind of sugar is beet sugar?


It is a sugar that is extracted by processing various names such as sugar beets, sugar radishes, and beets.
Beets, which are often used in vegan food, will be friends.
It is called sugar radish, but it is completely different from radish.

Compared to refined sugar such as granulated sugar, beet sugar contains more minerals such as sodium and potassium.
Beet sugar has a brown color because it contains molasses. Beet sugar is used as it contains various ingredients, instead of high-purity crystals such as granulated sugar.


The biggest feature of beet sugar is that it contains a large amount of oligosaccharides.
Oligosaccharides are nutrients for good bacteria such as Bifidobacteria, so they can be expected to improve the intestinal environment.

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