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Article: [Benefits of minerals] Sodium


[Benefits of minerals] Sodium

Nutrients and minerals essential for the human body.
One of them is about sodium.
Sodium is often thought to be the same as table salt, but it is not.
Table salt, officially called sodium chloride, is a combination of sodium and chlorine.
The amount of sodium and the amount of salt are not the same, and 40% of the salt is converted to the amount of sodium.


Sodium is a mineral that is consumed on a daily basis and is easy to overdose.
If you eat too much, you need to be careful because swelling, high blood pressure and cancer risk will increase.
In our daily lives, we rarely have a shortage of it, but it can be caused by heat stroke or a summer cold in the summer.
Sodium is also excreted with water when you sweat.
If you drink only water as it is, you may become deficient in sodium, so it is also important to ingest sodium with sports drinks.
A lack of it can lead to loss of appetite and fatigue, so you need to be especially careful in the summer.


A lot of it is included in soy sauce, miso, instant noodles, pickled plums, etc.
There are many things that are essential for a delicious meal, but try to have the right amount and enjoy your eating habits.

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