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Article: [Effects of minerals] Calcium


[Effects of minerals] Calcium

Calcium is probably the mineral you've heard the most about since you were a kid.
It is an essential nutrient for the formation of bones and teeth.

In addition to bones and teeth, it is also present in the blood. This is where the saying that lack of calcium makes you irritable comes from, and it actually makes you irritable.


Calcium is contained in a variety of foods, but by taking it together with various foods, a synergistic effect can be expected.
Dairy products, small fish, and green and yellow vegetables contain a lot of it, and each has its own characteristics in terms of ease of intake. Ease of absorption is dairy products.
Small fish contain vitamin K, which enhances absorption.


It is recommended to take it with food containing phosphorus and magnesium, as it increases the absorption efficiency.
It is also recommended to eat it as a stew.

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