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Article: [Food that is delicious now] Goya


[Food that is delicious now] Goya

There are various foods that you want to eat in summer, such as chilled Chinese noodles and grated yam rice, but how about goya chanpuru?
Goya, which is in season in summer, is also called Tsurureishi or bitter gourd, and I think there are many people who don't like it because it is very bitter.
This bitterness is light in color, has few warts, and is less bitter than the goya you imagine.


In Okinawa, it is a familiar ingredient that can be eaten on a daily basis.

Goya contains significantly more vitamin C, five times more than tomatoes and more than kiwi.
Vitamin C is water-soluble and weak against heat, but the vitamin C contained in bitter gourd does not break down even if it is cooked in champuru, etc., so you can take in the nutrients of the ingredients without wasting it.
In addition, bitter gourd's unique bitter taste has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels.


It is an indispensable ingredient in the summer, such as preventing colds and recovering from fatigue, so please try to incorporate it into your dining table.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada