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Article: What is natural yeast?


What is natural yeast?

Yeast is the same thing as yeast.
It is a living organism that exists in nature and is a type of fungus.

The difference depending on the type is that the yeast sold at supermarkets etc. selects yeast with stronger fermentation power and cultures it in order to increase the fermentation power.
Because it specializes in fermenting power, many of the yeast's original flavors and aromas have been lost.
Also, instant dry yeast is not pure yeast, but emulsifiers and other additives.


Meanwhile, natural yeast is attracting attention.
Yeast cultured with natural nutrients, not artificially cultured.
In addition to yeast, there are other fungi, so you can make unique bread.


However, compared to commercially available yeast, the fermenting power is inevitably weaker, so it is difficult to make fluffy bread, but the joy of succeeding is exceptional.
Try making bread using natural yeast and using gluten-free rice flour.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada