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Article: About butter


About butter

Butter is one of the essential ingredients for sweets.
It is the fat that is separated by stirring the raw milk.
It has such a long history that there are descriptions in documents from the B.C. era.


fermented and non-fermented.
It is divided into unsalted and salted,
Unsalted, unfermented butter is mainly used in confectionery making.
By the way, since the salt derived from raw milk is contained in a small amount, it is labeled as salt-free, not unsalted.

Fermented butter has a unique aroma, so it is often used for sweets that mainly use butter, such as pie crust.
In Europe, where butter has existed for a long time, fermented butter is still mainly used today due to the fact that it took a long time to produce butter using ancient techniques and was naturally fermented.


Also found in healthy eating recipes, ghee is pure milkfat made by boiling down unsalted butter to remove moisture and protein.
You can easily make it at home.
Originating from India, ghee is considered sacred because the cow is a sacred animal.

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pâtissier Yuhi Hasada