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Article: [Seasonal fruit] Black fig


[Seasonal fruit] Black fig

Black figs, also known as Violet Solies, have long been a major variety in France.
Because the production area in Japan is extremely limited, it is rarely sold in the market.


They are slightly smaller than regular figs, and the pitch-black skin, which is why they are called black figs, is delicious even when eaten with the skin.
The inside is juicy as if the honey is overflowing, and the high sugar content is characteristic.


It is in season for a very limited period from mid-September to mid-October, but it is very uncertain whether it will be available because the distribution volume is small.
If you see it at a supermarket, you are very lucky, so please buy it and try it.
It is recommended to eat it fresh.

NachuRa pâtissier
Yuhi Hasada