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Article: [Seasonal ingredients] Domestic lemon


[Seasonal ingredients] Domestic lemon

You may be unfamiliar with them because you see them in supermarkets all year round, and there are many opportunities to see them at izakayas, but domestic lemons, not imported ones, differ depending on the variety and production area, but the earliest is 9. The season begins around May.
Domestically produced lemons are famous for being grown in the Setouchi region, and you can often see them being used in sweets, jams, drinks, etc. under the Setouchi lemon brand.


The content of vitamin C is top class among citrus fruits, and it is effective for beautiful skin and recovery from fatigue.
Many people may be familiar with honey and lemon.
At this time of year, green lemons with green skins are sometimes sold, and many domestic lemons with yellow skins are available from around December.


Compared to imported lemons, domestic lemons have a mellower sourness, and are juicy and sour enough to be eaten as is.
We also recommend eating it raw.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada