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Article: Self introduction About NachuRa

自己紹介 NachuRaについて

Self introduction About NachuRa

Pastry chef is the happiest profession in the world.
While always thinking so, I make sweets every day.

nice to meet you.
Thank you for your interest in my note.
Patissier of gluten-free cake shop "NachuRa",
My name is Yuuhi Hasada.
It has been 14 years since I jumped into the pastry chef world at the age of 18.
I kept running.
16 years old Dropped out of high school to become a pastry chef
Save money for admission over the course of a year
Age 17 Entered Osaka Tsuji Confectionery College

18 years old After graduation, went to a local pastry shop in Aichi
19 years old From Hakata, Fukuoka to Otaru, Hokkaido, embark on a 2-month trip across Japan to visit pastry shops. I had it put in and studied under Chef Motoyuki Nakano.
23 years old After studying at "pâtisserie MATILDA", moved to Tokyo.
24 years old Participated in Soshigaya Okura "Limevert pâtisserie-café" from the opening
Studied under Chef Koji Takayama until closing in 2019.
28 years old “Limevert pâtisserie-café” closed and became independent.
Launched "NachuRa".
29 years old Started a sweets making atelier in Chofu City while doing cafe sales and buffet events at a rental space in Nishinippori.
30 years old Moved the atelier to Jingumae, Shibuya-ku due to a wonderful relationship.

31 years old Moved to Minami Aoyama to expand with a cafe.
Anyway, I like sweets, I like making sweets, and I have walked with sweets.
About the thoughts that I put into NachuRa, NachuRa's sweets.
I wish I could tell you through note.
◯ Opportunity
After the decision was made to close Limevert pâtisserie-café in Soshigaya Okura, I wondered what to do next.
You have two choices.
Do you want to study hard at a new training destination or start alone?
Until then, I had been rushing forward, one after another, then the next, but at the age of 28, I stopped for the first time and thought about my life as a whole, not just as a pastry chef.
I think the presence of my wife played a big part in that.
Even if you find your next training destination, you will be in your mid-30s when you become independent.
If I had a child at that time, it would be the cutest, I want to be by your side, I need money, and I can't leave my wife alone.
In such a case, do you need money and time to become independent ...?
The image did not boil at all.

then now is the time
That's why I started NachuRa because I chose to start by myself instead of going to the next place of training.
◯Origin of NachuRa
What should we do with the house number?
Before the closing of the Limevert pâtisserie-café, I was planning a buffet event with my wife on a holiday.

The image is natural in nature.
Sweets offered in gardens surrounded by nature like Karuizawa and Nasushiobara.
Imagine yourself in the future, what you want to do, what you want to be.
Isn't Natura better?
That's what my wife said, and at first I thought maybe I should twist it a little more.
The reason is that there are many shops with the same name regardless of the type of industry, so it may be buried.
But there was friendliness.
It is easy for customers to remember and easy to pronounce.
The taste is also transmitted directly.
It will be buried, so instead of changing it,
When it comes to Natura, why don't we become ours?
I thought so and decided on Natura.
 First NachuRa logo
The notation is "NachuRa" in English notation
chu is cuteness.
The capital R is the balance of the whole letter and a little bit of personality.
The creators, the sweets, and the customers are more natural and natural.
With that in mind, NachuRa was born in the fall of 2019.
◯ Why is it gluten-free?
At NachuRa, all products are made gluten-free.
By making it gluten-free, we thought it would be easier for more people to pick it up.
I can feel that the number of people around me who are concerned about their health has increased, and the number of foreigners has also increased due to inbound tourism.
As various health awareness spreads, while feeling guilty,
I didn't want to eat sweets.
I want you to feel that the time to eat sweets is the happiest time.
I think so, I'm making gluten-free sweets.
gluten free = not tasty
I feel that there are more than a few people who have that kind of recognition.
When I was in training, I had a lot of preconceptions like that, but they were just my preconceived notions.
Depending on your ingenuity, it will be the most delicious cake that will not lose to other cakes.
When I was in training, I thought that I was the most delicious, and I begged to be accepted into the training place I wanted to learn, and learned.
Through NachuRa, we will deliver the most delicious cakes that we are not ashamed of, to those who have studied there, and to ourselves.
Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada