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Article: What is a vegetarian?


What is a vegetarian?

At NachuRa, we make some sweets for vegans, but vegans can be roughly divided into one category of vegetarians.

What is vegetarian

Vegetarian means vegetarian.
People who avoid animal foods and eat mainly plant foods such as grains, beans, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.
is understood and defined as such.
However, the word vegetarian does not come from vegetables, but comes from the Latin vegitus (meaning wholesome, lively, and energetic).
In other words, the original origin of vegetarian means people who follow a healthy diet .


Vegetarian classification

Vegetarians can be further subdivided and classified,
It is classified into four major categories.
This includes vegans.

・Vegan (pure vegetarian)
People who avoid all animal products.
Meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and stricter vegans avoid honey. As we get more rigorous, we also avoid animal-derived and animal-tested products.
There is also a word "dietary vegan" to distinguish between diet only and avoiding animal products.

Avoid meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products are OK.

・Lacto・Ovo・Vegetarian <br>Avoid meat and seafood, eggs and dairy products are OK.
It is the most popular vegetarian classification in the United States and Europe.

・Ovo/Vegetarian <br>Avoid meat, seafood, and dairy products, but eggs are OK.


Recently in Japan as well, it seems that more and more people are becoming vegetarians due to the rise in health consciousness due to the yoga boom.
I feel that the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes is increasing even in familiar places.
From the point of view of being conscious of health, there may be new discoveries by eating such meals occasionally.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada