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Article: [NachuRa's In-Depth Digging] Seaweed salt


[NachuRa's In-Depth Digging] Seaweed salt

Moshio is made using an ancient Japanese method that has been used for about 2,000 years.
It is made from seawater and seaweed such as sargassum and akamoku.


It has more depth and richness than ordinary salt, and is generally used in cooking, but by incorporating it into sweets, the sweetness of the sweets will also deepen.
What we use is from the beautiful Seto Inland Sea.
Even if you eat it as it is, the mild taste makes you feel the difference of the ingredients.


And the important thing is the salt concentration.
Moshio has a lower salt concentration than regular salt, making it easier to reduce salt intake.
For those who are health conscious or concerned about taking too much salt, we recommend switching to seaweed salt.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada