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Article: why not use white sugar


why not use white sugar

In recent years, it feels like there are more people who don't use white sugar.
NachuRa's sweets do not use refined sugar, instead they use beet sugar.
Why don't you use white sugar?

Recently, even in the media, white sugar is often treated like a bad guy, so the image of not using white sugar = health consciousness is spreading, but there is a reason for not using white sugar.

Why white sugar is white

Why is white sugar so clear and white and free of other impurities?


That's because it's been refined over and over again.

Information such as bleaching is sometimes circulated, but that is not true, and there is no such process in the manufacturing process of white sugar.
However, by refining it many times, the minerals and other ingredients originally contained in sugarcane and sugar beet are removed, leaving only sugar (sucrose) crystals.
It is very easily absorbed by the body .
In other words, blood sugar levels rise rapidly, making it easier to put a strain on blood vessels and the body.
Also, being easy to absorb means that it is easy to get hungry.
On the contrary, not using white sugar is also related to filling.
Indirectly, it is also related to diet.

Compatibility between white sugar-free and gluten-free

Prevent sudden rise in blood sugar level.
The same can be said for gluten-free.
All NachuRa products are gluten-free and white sugar-free.
This is because the two purposes are very similar.

Alternative sweetener

I don't want to use white sugar. .
But I want something sweet.
I myself love sweets.
If I go to the trouble of taking sweets, I want to take minerals together, and I want to reduce the burden on my body as much as possible.
As for sweetness, beet sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup, etc. are recommended because they are relatively easy to absorb.


I think you usually do things like eating out.
In Japan, it is almost impossible not to consume white sugar completely.
Even if you voluntarily refrain from it, you may end up ingesting it indirectly.
If you stoically pursue the non-use of white sugar, the mental stress may be more harmful to your body.

It's just how white sugar and other ingredients affect your body.
Knowing this will make a big difference in your eating habits and lifestyle .

We hope that we can contribute to your healthy eating habits and happy everyday life.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada