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Article: What is GI value?


What is GI value?

Recently, don't you often hear the word GI value?
Foods that say "low GI" are also lined up in supermarkets.
There is a tendency to think that the lower the height, the better for the body, but
What is the GI value in the first place?

What is GI value?

The GI value is a quantification of the speed at which sugar (carbohydrates) is taken into the mouth, digested, and turned into glucose, which is an energy source.


The GI value of glucose itself, which is absorbed as it is and becomes energy, is set to "100", and the lower the value, the longer it takes to be absorbed and the less likely it is to raise the blood sugar level.

What happens if you have a high GI?

It's easy to think that a high GI isn't good for your body, but that's not always the case.
Immediate energy means that it should be taken before, during, and before physical exertion.


Of course, as a demerit, it is necessary to consider that the blood sugar level rises rapidly, which places a burden on organs and blood vessels, but this does not mean that high GI is a bad person, but that you should be careful not to take too much. is.
High GI foods include:

White sugar, white rice, mochi, bread, udon noodles, honey, carrots

Are there foods that you normally eat, or foods that have a relatively healthy image?

What happens if you have a low GI?

As mentioned above, the lower the GI value, the less the blood sugar level rises rapidly. This can reduce the strain on organs and blood vessels.
However, only low GI foods have the disadvantage of taking too long to become energy.
And low GI food does not mean low calorie food.
Even if it is a low GI, be careful not to overeat.
Low GI foods include:

Soy milk, pistachio, orange, milk, agave syrup, artificial sweetener

Many vegetables, fruits, and seafood fall into the category of low GI, and it is true that there are many ingredients that can be found in health foods, but I hope you understand that low GI cannot necessarily be considered healthy. think.

Balance is the key


The GI value is just one index that indicates how easily blood sugar levels rise.
You cannot judge whether the food is good or bad just by the value.
The most important thing is to eat well-balanced meals, using the GI value as an index based on your physical condition and current state.
We hope that it will be an opportunity to think about a healthy diet with a proper amount of balance.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada