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Article: How Christmas came into being


How Christmas came into being

The event called Christmas is now taking for granted.
Spending time with family and lovers, luxurious meals, cakes and presents. .
It is very gorgeous, and I think many people feel that it is the biggest event of the year.


It's Christmas like that, but it's a Christian event, and it's Christ's birthday...? I think many people know about it, but why is Christmas so popular in Japan?
Christmas originally came to Japan as a Christian event about 500 years ago. It seems that it spread among Christians, but it will be cut off by the Edo shogunate's ban on Christianity.
After that, in the Meiji era, the department store "Meijiya", which is still there today, put up Christmas decorations and set up Christmas trees, and it gradually spread.


And it is said that the fact that December 25th and December 23rd of the Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras were national holidays related to the emperor also contributed to the spread of Christmas.

NachuRa pastry chef Yuhi Hanesada