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Article: Original cookie boxes on sale at THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL and NachuRa

THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTELとNachuRaでオリジナルクッキーボックスが発売

Original cookie boxes on sale at THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL and NachuRa

Aoyama, where people from all over the world gather as a source of fashion and culture. A new landmark in Aoyama on the site of the former Bell Commons
Original cookie boxes have been released at THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL and NachuRa!



We make each one by hand so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Please use it as a tea confectionery at home, as a gift for dinner, or as a gift for your loved ones.

[Assortment contents]
Vegan biscuits (8 pieces)
A healthy vegan biscuit.
The crunchy texture of the soymilk-based dough has an addictive taste.

Salty plane (6 pieces)
Vanilla from Madagascar and rock salt from Okinawa mixed together.
It is a standard cookie that accentuates the crunchy texture unique to rock salt.

Rich rich chocolate (3 pieces)
A gluten-free American cookie with a crunchy texture.
Not only the sweetness, but also the slightly salty taste brings out the flavor of the chocolate even more.

Basil cheese (3 pieces)
THE AOYAMA GRAND HOTEL original flavor combining Parmigiano-Reggiano from a carefully selected production area in Parma, Italy and fragrant basil.