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Think of your body, think of your loved ones.
It is a natural NachuRa that will help you with all your wishes for good health.


All NachuRa's sweets are made by hand one by one so that all customers who do not use white sugar or wheat flour can enjoy them with peace of mind.

Natura's specialty ingredients

rice flour

We don't use wheat flour at all, we mainly use rice flour.
Rice flour made from domestically grown rice has fewer calories than wheat flour, and is easily absorbed by the body, reducing the burden on the body.

Hokkaido eggs

Most of the eggs distributed in Japan are domestically produced, but more than 90% of domestically produced eggs are eggs from chickens imported from foreign countries.
Only a small percentage of the domestic market is distributed, and we are particular about pure domestic chicken, and we use eggs from Hokkaido that are ordered from a poultry farm in Ebetsu City, Hokkaido.

beet sugar

I don't use white sugar, and I'm replacing it all with beet sugar. Hokkaido is the only production area of ​​beet sugar in Japan. It is characterized by gentle sweetness, richness and flavor. In addition, beet sugar contains natural oligosaccharides that serve as nutrients for bifidobacteria,
Rich in mineral ingredients.

Thoughts put into Natura's sweets

How happy the pastry chef himself can be.
Precisely because sweets are a luxury item, the surroundings are full of "smiles" and "happy spaces."

I became interested in making sweets when I was in the fourth grade of elementary school.
I like reading books, so I happened to read a recipe book and my eyes stopped at sweets.
I wanted to try using an oven, but I thought it was interesting that the amount was written in detail, which was the reason I started making it in the first place.

I decided to make a cake for my friend's birthday.
I made it because it was fun, but the response I received was more than I expected.

"Thank you! I'm so happy!"
The feeling at that time is the driving force of the current sweets making.

It's all about how happy the pastry chef himself is.
Precisely because sweets are a luxury item, the surroundings are overflowing with "smiles" and "happy spaces."
If you make sweets in such a place with a negative feeling, it will definitely be communicated to the customer through the product, and it is not suitable.
As a patissier, I think the first requirement is to imagine what kind of person, how, and in what kind of situation this sweet will be given to.

The sweets I made with that feeling will never be cut short, and I wonder what I can do to make them more delicious and make them happy.
You can always make it with high motivation.

Patissier of Natura

Yuhi Hasada
Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1990. He has been interested in making sweets since childhood and studied at Osaka Tsuji Confectionery College.
From Fukuoka to Hokkaido, I will travel across Japan for two months visiting pastry shops.
2010 Studied under Chef Motoyuki Nakano of "pâtisserie MATILDA" in Hiroshima.
Moved to Tokyo in 2014 and studied under Chef Koji Takayama of Setagaya “Limevert pâtisserie-café” until closing.
In 2019, “NachuRa” opened in Tokyo.