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Article: What is oatmeal?


What is oatmeal?

In recent years, the popularity of granola has increased, and it has become more common to see products containing oatmeal or even oatmeal alone at supermarkets.
This oatmeal is often seen with healthy words, so it somehow gives the impression of being healthy and superfood, but what is it in the first place?


Oatmeal is made by flattening oats, which is the raw material, to make it easier to eat. Oats itself is not very familiar in Japan, but it is an annual plant that is enjoyed mainly in Western countries.
Originally, oats were often used as animal feed, but the fact that oats do not contain gluten attracted attention and spread as a gluten-free food.


Oats contain a lot of soluble fiber, which has the property of increasing clay in the intestine, which slows down the absorption of food into the body.
It works to reduce the burden on the body and suppress sudden increases in blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
In addition, the polyphenol called avenanthramide contained in oats has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, so it is good for the skin and is used in shampoos and moisturizing creams.

From such effects, by eating oatmeal, which is made by crushing oats, in granola and eating it with other foods or eating it for breakfast, the chain of effects between foods and the benefits of synergistic effects can be obtained. You can receive it.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada