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Article: What is healthy


What is healthy

What impression do you have of the word healthy?

・Low calorie ・Plenty of vegetables ・Mushrooms ・Soybean products


Many people have an image of a healthy meal because the original meaning of healthy is to be healthy.

That's exactly right, but there is no clear definition of healthy, and the definition is different for each person.
For those who are consuming too much salt, low-sodium foods are healthy.
For those who lack vegetables, the salad bowl is healthy.
Depending on your health condition, meat and fish may be healthy for some people.


However, what food items described as healthy have in common is that, regardless of the ingredients, they are being praised as healthy in consideration of the current general rise in health awareness and lifestyle-related diseases. .
I think the important thing, beyond the definition of healthy, is to decide for yourself what a healthy diet is, taking into consideration your own health condition and the nutrients you tend to lack in your daily life.

Knowing the depth of the ingredients, beyond healthy, makes everyday meals more enjoyable.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada