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Article: What is Slow Food


What is Slow Food

It's not a word that you're very familiar with, but when you're looking into things like healthy eating, you'll hear the term slow food.
The word is said to have originated in Italy about 35 years ago, but it seems that the original trigger was the antonym of fast food.


In the first place, slow food has many concerns about food, such as foods and eating habits like fast food with a lot of fat, additives, and food camouflage, which are directly related to health and can be dangerous.
Slow Food is a movement that tries to solve such problems.

Slow Food has four major conditions.

◯ Local ingredients (local production for local consumption)
◯The quality of the food itself is good. ◯It is made with a production method that suits the climate of the land.


This is connected to the words we often hear recently, such as organic farming and hometown tax.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada