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Article: [Type of cheese] Cream cheese


[Type of cheese] Cream cheese

There are various cheeses such as camembert cheese, parmesan, ricotta, mascarpone, and mozzarella.
Among them, cream cheese is often used in making sweets.
Among the cheese classifications, it is divided into the classification of unripened cheese called fresh type.


Compared to other cheeses, it has less peculiarity and is characterized by a refreshing acidity.
It is made by fermenting fresh cream or fresh cream with milk by fermenting it with lactic acid bacteria to remove the whey (whey: the water found in yogurt, etc.). , it is difficult to manufacture stably, and there are not many manufacturers that handle it.


It has many uses because it goes well with tomatoes, leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits. Make it a salad, a snack, or a snack. .
Because the production method, raw milk, and temperature range differ depending on the manufacturer, some are hard, some are soft, some have a strong sour taste, and some feel bland.
By all means, why not find a cream cheese that suits your palate and incorporate it into your dining table?

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada