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Article: What is polyphenol?


What is polyphenol?

Nutrients called polyphenols that you often hear.
There is a good image of health, but what is this in the first place?

Polyphenols are not one of the five major nutrients, but they are important naturally occurring nutrients. It is contained in plants and can be felt mainly as a component such as pigment, acridity, and bitterness. Although there are many varieties, they are consistently antioxidant.
Among polyphenols, I will introduce the ones that I often hear about.


Many people know that it is contained in tea leaves such as green tea.
It is a polyphenol that has effects such as bactericidal effect, prevention of tooth decay, and stabilization of blood pressure.


Famous for blueberries. You can often find it in supplements.
Polyphenols are effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, such as restoring vision and improving liver function.



As the name suggests, it is contained in ginger.
It is a polyphenol that is effective in promoting bactericidal action and gastrointestinal function.


soy isoflavone

As the name suggests, it is also found in soybeans and soybean products.
I think you may see the name in soy milk products.
It is a polyphenol that is effective in improving sensitivity to cold and preventing osteoporosis.

In addition, polyphenols with various types and effects are contained in various ingredients. It's an important nutrient for keeping your body in good condition, so you want to take it in a well-balanced manner from food as much as possible.

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pâtissier Yuhi Hasada