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Article: Should I eat breakfast?


Should I eat breakfast?

Some people have a solid breakfast, some have a light meal, and some don't have it at all.
I think there are various people.
I heard that you should eat breakfast, but should I?
What kind of food, if any, do you prefer?


You don't have to eat breakfast in the morning.
If it's because you're forcing yourself to eat when you're not hungry, you should change your breakfast.
Food ingested in a day is broken down and absorbed into the body while a person is sleeping.
and stored in the body.
Therefore, the morning when you just woke up is the time of the day when you have the highest energy.
Therefore, if your daily diet is well-balanced, there is no need to supplement nutrients in the morning.
Morning is the time when food is absorbed and unnecessary substances are removed from the body.


But that doesn't mean you should skip breakfast.
While you are sleeping, you are sweating more than you can imagine, and the water is out of your body. Morning is the time to replenish that moisture.
It is also recommended to replenish water with mineral water, cold-pressed juices that can be ingested with vitamins, and salads.

The meal cycle and the digestion and absorption cycle are different for each person.
It is not necessary to stick to three meals a day, and it is said that it is good to eat when you are hungry. There is no correct answer, so let's prepare your body for the day with a breakfast that suits your body.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada