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Article: [Benefits of minerals] Phosphorus


[Benefits of minerals] Phosphorus

Many people may think of matchsticks when they hear the word phosphorus.
Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in the body after calcium, and is said to account for up to about 800g.

Phosphorus is a very important mineral in structuring the body, and is contained in tissues throughout the body, from the brain and liver to muscles and nerves.
Most of them, together with calcium and magnesium, form bones and teeth.


Phosphorus is one of the minerals that you should be careful not to take too much.
If you have a normal diet, you are unlikely to be deficient.
Phosphorus is contained in large amounts in fish, dairy products, soybeans, etc., but it may also be contained in food additives, mainly as a pH adjuster and lye water.


Excessive intake of phosphorus disrupts the interaction with calcium, leading to decreased calcium content in bones and weak bones.
Be careful not to overdo it with processed foods, as they are not often labeled as phosphorus (mainly phosphate).

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