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Article: [Benefits of minerals] Iron


[Benefits of minerals] Iron

As many of you know, iron is a nutrient necessary to make red blood cells in the blood.
It also carries oxygen throughout the body, which is why iron deficiency can lead to anemia. A lack of iron means that oxygen does not reach the brain, so it affects thinking and memory.


Iron is mainly found in spinach, seaweed, meat, and liver.
Also, as a point to note when incorporating it into meals, caffeine may inhibit iron absorption, so it seems better to refrain from ingesting beverages containing caffeine after meals.


Iron tends to be deficient if you don't eat three meals a day or if your diet is unbalanced. Affecting the blood means that it affects the entire body, so lack of it will lead to headaches, lethargy, and decreased athletic ability, so be conscious of taking it.

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