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Article: [Food that is delicious now] Domestic pumpkin


[Food that is delicious now] Domestic pumpkin

Pumpkins are also associated with Halloween and have a strong image of autumn vegetables.
It is often used for sweets, such as by wrapping it in pie crust.
The season for imported Western squash is the cold season from November to early spring.
Actually, the season for domestic products is now from May to September.


It is very rich in nutrients, especially carotene, which affects the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, etc. and enhances immunity.
In addition, it contains nutrients that promote blood circulation, so it is good for coldness, and it is good to eat pumpkin in winter because of the effects brought about by these abundant nutrients.


As long as it is not cut, it will keep for more than half a year, and its nutrients will not be lost during the storage period.
The skin contains more nutrients than the flesh, so it is recommended to eat it with a cooking method that allows you to cook the skin.

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pâtissier Yuhi Hasada