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Article: type of milk


type of milk

Speaking of milk, when you go to the supermarket, there are many kinds of milk.
Some are labeled as milk, others are low-fat milk, pasteurized milk, dairy drinks, etc. .
If you look at the ingredient list on the back, anything that doesn't say "milk" isn't strictly milk.
Milk is defined as 100% raw milk, 3% or more milk fat, 8% or more non-fat milk solids, etc.
Low-fat milk is sold after adjusting the amount of milk fat.


When making sweets, I would like to choose milk, but I think it is important to choose while looking at the ingredient label, considering physical condition and nutritional aspects.
Also, even with milk, depending on the season, it feels a little thinner in the summer and thicker in the winter.
This is because the amount of water and rice consumed by dairy cows differs between summer and winter. In addition, although 99% of dairy cows in Japan are Holstein, the richness of the meat varies depending on the breed of dairy cow, such as Jersey.

NachuRa pastry chef Yuhi Hanesada