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Article: [About NachuRa sweets] Natural treats for dogs


[About NachuRa sweets] Natural treats for dogs

"Do you have sweets for dogs?"
After hearing from a customer with a dog, I decided to make sweets for pets, which was a field I hadn't yet discovered.

The most important thing to keep in mind when making sweets for dogs is that they must be made from the dog's point of view, not based on human standards.
Not only edible and inedible materials, but also taste, texture, aroma, etc. . .


You can judge the ingredients by researching, but I thought that the taste and texture can only be understood by the dog, so I ate and compared various pet foods.
The dog's sweets were lighter than I imagined, but there were many that I could feel the flavor.

After such trial and error, this is NachuRa's sweets for dogs that NachuRa can deliver with confidence. The sweets that I think have been completed.
I have had many dogs try it, but I can confidently deliver it without any experimental implications. Yes, it is a product that I thought in the same way as other sweets.


Only rice flour, soy milk, rice oil, and tuna shavings are used.
Of course, not only the texture and taste, but also the nutrition distribution considering the dog's body.

I hope many dogs will be happy.

Nachu Ra
pâtissier Yuhi Hasada