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Article: [NachuRa's material digging deep] Hen's egg


[NachuRa's material digging deep] Hen's egg

At NachuRa, we are particular about chicken eggs, and use carefully selected local eggs ordered from Hokkaido.

More than 90% of the eggs distributed in Japan are domestically produced, but more than 90% of the eggs that are said to be domestically produced are the parent birds imported from foreign countries. Even if it was born in Japan, the parent bird of the parent bird may have been imported from a foreign country.


In the current domestic market, only a few percent of the eggs are pure domestic free-range chicken eggs, which are ordered from a poultry farm in Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, and used.
In the vast land of Hokkaido, these nutritious eggs are laid by chickens that are given materials calculated based on nutritional distribution that considers the health of chickens, such as soybeans, corn, fermented feed, and materials derived from fish.


It is generously used in sweets such as sponges and cream puffs.

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pâtissier Yuhi Hasada